Leisure & CultureRoyal Albert Hall CCTV System Upgrade

LEISURE & CULTURERoyal Albert Hall CCTV System Upgrade

Loop Engineering undertook the comprehensive upgrade of the CCTV system at the iconic Royal Albert Hall. This transformative project involved the installation of cutting-edge technology to enhance security and surveillance capabilities throughout the esteemed venue.

Overview of the key components and benefits of this upgrade:

New CCTV Cameras:

Introducing state-of-the-art CCTV cameras strategically placed to maximize coverage while ensuring discreet integration with the Hall's architectural aesthetics.
High-resolution imaging and advanced features provide unparalleled clarity and real-time monitoring capabilities.

New IT Switches:

Implementing the latest in network infrastructure with new IT switches to ensure seamless communication between CCTV components.
Enhancing data transfer speeds, reliability, and scalability to accommodate the evolving needs of the Royal Albert Hall.

New Dedicated CCTV Server:

Introducing a dedicated server to optimize video storage, retrieval, and processing.
Robust architecture ensures continuous operation, minimal downtime, and efficient data management for both live monitoring and historical footage retrieval.

New CAT 5 Cabling:

Upgrading the infrastructure with new CAT 5 cabling to support high-speed data transmission and power delivery to the CCTV cameras.
Ensuring a future-ready and scalable foundation for the CCTV system, allowing for seamless integration of emerging technologies.


New CCTV Cameras
New IT Switches
New Dedicated CCTV Server
New CAT 5 Cabling


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